Recordings of Transmissions from the Decans of the Zodiac

-- | October 30, 2015

Question: Do recordings of the transmissions from the decans of all twelve zodiac constellations exist anywhere? If so, are they available to the public.  — Toby

Answer: I suspect that by “decans” you are referring to the artificial demarcation system for the zodiac used in astrology.  Just so there is no confusion, “astrology” is not “astronomy”.  Astrology is not science and has no grounding in fact.  Astronomy is a branch of the physical sciences, which is one of the major science categories associated with how we describe the world and universe around us.  As to whether there are “recordings” of the physical objects which lie in the direction of the zodiac, the answer is in fact yes, if you count all of the astronomical measurements that scientists make of the myriad of objects in these directions in the sky.  These data are comprised of measurements of the brightnesses of stars, measures of the spectral structure (i.e. what kinds of atoms they are made of), measurements of the dust which surrounds many stars, etc.  You can sample these measurements from many online archives such as the SIMBAD database.

Jeff Mangum