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VLBA station
Continent-spanning Telescope Blazes Trails
June 1, 1999 at 2:43 pm | News Release

The supersharp radio vision of the National Science Foundation’s Very Long Baseline Array is revealing unprecedented details of astronomical objects from stars in our own cosmic neighborhood to galaxies billions of light-years away.

The VLA 11
Astronomers’ DIY Project Reopening Window on the Universe
May 31, 1999 at 2:42 pm | News Release

A team of astronomers has revealed tantalizing new information about the explosions of massive stars, the workings of galaxies with supermassive black holes at their centers, and clusters of galaxies.

Graphic illustrating XTE J1748-288's jet
Superfast Cosmic Jet Hits the Wall
January 9, 1999 at 3:40 pm | News Release

A superfast jet of subatomic particles presumably powered by the gravitational energy of a black hole has collided with nearby material, been slowed dramatically and released much of its energy in the collision, radio astronomers report.

Rotating Disk around Young, Massive Star
January 8, 1999 at 3:40 pm | News Release

Astronomers using radio telescopes in New Mexico and California have discovered a giant, rotating disk of material around a young, massive star, indicating that very massive stars as well as those closer to the size of the Sun may be circled by disks from which planets are thought to form.

Gas around the star TX Cam
Movie Star Acting Strangely, Radio Astronomers Find
January 8, 1999 at 3:38 pm | News Release

Astronomers have used the National Science Foundation’s Very Long Baseline Array radio telescope to make the first-ever time-lapse movie showing details of gas motions around a star other than our Sun.

Spectacular Structure in Distant Galaxy
January 7, 1999 at 3:37 pm | News Release

Researchers using the National Science Foundation’s Very Large Array radio telescope have imaged a spectacular and complex structure in a galaxy 50 million light-years away.

Showing news items 1261 - 796 of 796