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Photo of ten VLA antennas pointing at a cloudy sky at twilight.
Jan 20, 2020

A Cloudy Twilight at the VLA

Clouds linger at twilight over the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array in its most compact configuration.

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Arp 299
Jan 6, 2020

Arp 299

This colliding pair of galaxies is a region of vigorous star formation which has been investigated for many years....

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VLA Antennas with air traffic lights
Dec 30, 2019

Aircraft Lights Atop the VLA

In the early days of the Very Large Array, each 25-meter antenna had an aircraft warning light set atop...

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Abell 2256
Nov 11, 2019

Abell 2256

Abell 2256, in a "true color" radio image made with the VLA

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Cosmic Eyelash
Oct 28, 2019

A Cosmic Eyelash Reveals New Information on Star Formation

This ALMA image shows the Cosmic Eyelash, a remote starburst galaxy that appears double and brightened by gravitational lensing....

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Oct 21, 2019

ALMA and the OMC-1

This animation shows the motions of the gas streamers emanating from the OMC-1 star-forming region in Orion as seen...

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