What Would Happen to the Earth if the Moon Disappeared?

-- Landon | December 19, 2022
North Pole of the Moon


What will happen to the ocean tides as the Moon leaves the Earth’s gravitational pull? Will we stop having waves in the ocean, or will the ocean just reach towards the Moon? Would the movement of the Moon away from us affect anything other than the tides, like the Earth’s gravity, atmosphere, light, nighttime cycles, etc.?
Also, on the topic of the Moon moving, what year did the Moon start moving away (and how long ago, please), and what is causing it to? Please answer these questions for me. Thanks!

-- Landon


This question has been answered very thoroughly on Astronomy.com.  As the Moon stabilizes the Earth’s axial tilt and drives ocean tides, both of these physical properties of the Earth would be affected by the Moon disappearing.  There are a couple of additional minor changes, including a halt to the current lengthening of the duration of one day on Earth.

-- Jeff Mangum