Radio telescopes can see the invisible and hidden activities across the Universe and are the tools for solving some of the greatest mysteries of our Cosmos. Explore what radio telescopes have taught us so far.

Connect With Us

NRAO fosters outreach programs and interactive online features that aim to help the public learn more about Radio Astronomy.

The Basics

New to radio astronomy? Get started by reading about the fundamentals.

Stars and Exoworlds

Learn what radio astronomy reveals to us about stars and exoworlds.

Our Solar System

Learn what radio astronomy reveals to us about our own solar system.


What are the current mysteries that radio astronomers are working to uncover?


Learn what radio astronomy reveals to us about galaxies.

Radio sources are all around!

Explore the Milky Way Galaxy

The Milky Way Explorer a guided trip through our spiral Galaxy and its neighborhood. You choose where to explore, and a radio astronomer talks to you about each stop.

Virtually visit our radio observatory in the desert!

Explore the Very Large Array

See footage from central New Mexico where the National Radio Astronomy Observatory operates the world's most versatile radio telescope, the Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array. Here, we have put together a collection of exclusive video tours we call the VLA Explorer.

Explore ALMA

Get behind-the-scenes guided tours of ALMA and virtually visit the incredible countryside of northern Chile.