NRAO in the press at AAS 243

Credit: B. Saxton, NRAO/AUI/NSF

New scientific results from the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA), the Very Large Array (VLA), and Green Bank Observatory (GBO) were revealed at multiple press conferences during the 243rd meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) from January 8-11, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The AAS meeting includes a series of press conferences based on a range of themes. Presentations highlighted new research, including new types of planet and star formation, and the accidental discovery of a primordial galaxy.

Press conferences were held in person during the conference, and streamed live on the AAS Press Office Page.

Note: Each press conference consists of a panel of scientists presenting 4-5 unique scientific results. The number listed in parentheses indicates the order of presentation for the listed result.

All press conferences are listed and will occur in Central Time.



Monday, 8 January 2024, 10:15 am CT – Dust, Clouds & Darkness
You can stream the recording here

A Polarized Dust Ring in the Milky Way’s Center
Natalie Butterfield (NRAO) (1)

Mystery of Star Formation Revealed by Hearts of Molecular Clouds
Jin Koda (Stony Brook University) & Amanda Lee (U.Mass. Amherst) (3)

The Dark Galaxy J0613+52
Karen O’Neil (Green Bank Observatory) (4)


Monday, 9 January 2024, 2:15 pm CT – Stars, Protostars & More Clouds
You can stream the recording here

Evolution of Planetary Disk Structures Seen for the First Time
Cheng-Han Hsieh (Yale University) (3)


Tuesday, 9 January 2024, 2:15 pm CT – High-Energy Phenomena and Their Origins
You can stream the recording here

Spatially-resolved spectroscopy of dual quasars at cosmic noon with JWST and ALMA
Yuzo Ishikawa (Johns Hopkins University) (1)


Wednesday, 10 January 2024, 10:15 am CT – Supernovae and Stars
You can stream the recording here

A New Census of Neutral Clouds in the Milky Way’s Nuclear Wind
Jay Lockman (Green Bank Observatory)


Wednesday, 10 January 2024, 2:15 pm CT – Stars, Disks & Exoplanets
You can stream the recording here

JWST’s New View of Beta Pictoris Suggests Recent Episodic Dust Production from an Eccentric, Inclined Secondary Debris Disk

Christopher Stark (NASA Goddard) (3)


Thursday, 11 January 2024, 2:15 pm CT – Oddities in the Sky
You can stream the recording here

The Smith Cloud: A Dust Bowl Barreling Through Our Galactic Halo
Johanna Vazquez (Texas Christian University) (3)


For embargo access for members of the press, please contact Jill Malusky at or Corrina Jaramillo Feldman at


NRAO Media Contacts

Corrina C. Jaramillo Feldman
Public Information Officer – New Mexico
Tel: +1 505-366-7267


Jill Malusky
NRAO & GBO News & Public Information Manager
Tel: +1 304-460-5608


In addition to the press conferences, dozens of papers with new and ongoing science results from NRAO and GBO facilities were presented during AAS 243 conference sessions. Highlights are posted to the NRAO website, the GBO website, and social media. 


About NRAO

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) is a facility of the National Science Foundation, operated under a cooperative agreement by Associated Universities, Inc.


About Green Bank Observatory

The Green Bank Observatory is a facility of the National Science Foundation and is operated by Associated Universities, Inc. 


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