Learning Shines Brightly at SuperKnova

Image courtesy of macrovector on FreePik.

SuperKnova is a project to provide learning opportunities in radio technology for students in a way that is inclusive and equitable. Originally conceived at the Radio Astronomy Imaging and Analysis Lab (RADIAL), SuperKnova is a collaboration between RADIAL, NRAO, and educators and students from across the country. 

The SuperKnova website has a wealth of educational resources that are free to use. You can learn about the history of radio astronomy, the physics of radio technology, and even cube satellites and ham radios! There is also a citizen science project on Sensing the World Around You. Many of the learning materials are age-appropriate for middle school and high school students. They were developed as part of the National Radio Dynamic Zone (NRDZ) project, and are designed in such a way that teachers can integrate them into their course curricula. 

Users of SuperKnova have found the materials quite useful. As one participant said, “I feel like I now have a treasure trove of resources that have both enhanced my understanding of the EM spectrum and given me real life activities for my students to become engaged in.” If you are a teacher who uses these materials in your classroom, you can give back to the project by filling out a short form on the SuperKnova resources page. It will help the team refine and expand available resources. 

Radio technology is central to our modern world, and radio astronomy can reveal the Universe in amazing ways. SuperKnova does more than simply help students understand radio technology, it helps open doors to radio careers and works to ensure that radio astronomy is accessible to everyone.