The Baseline #17: Gravitational Lensing: Focusing On The Cosmos


Gravity can focus light like a lens, allowing astronomers to see distant galaxies and explore dark matter. Join our host Summer Ash of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory as she talks about how astronomers use gravitational lensing to study the universe.

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Jill Malusky is the News and Public Information Manager for NRAO. Prior to this, she served as Public Information Officer for the Green Bank Observatory. Before joining the SciComm universe she held leadership roles as a director in art and history museums, and as a consultant and contractor in communications and design for cultural institutions across the US. She earned her bachelor of arts in film from Wright State University (Dayton, Ohio) and her masters in anthropology (University of Manchester, England.) With the news team, Jill uses an authentic and inclusive voice to share stories about NRAO’s science and staff through a variety of press products, print and digital content, and collaborations with journalists and media creators.

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