Galaxies in PHANGS-ALMA Survey
NRAO NINE Participants Explore Radio Astronomy in Trinidad
Brian Kent |
21 March 2019

The NRAO NINE (National and International Non-traditional Exchange) program and Office of Diversity and Inclusion aim to train students…

Galaxies in PHANGS-ALMA Survey
On Young Love (of Radio Telescopes)
Olivia Harper Wilkins |
26 February 2019

My two-year-old loves radio telescopes. My friends are convinced that I trained my son Günther to point to and…

Galaxies in PHANGS-ALMA Survey
Where Will the Next-Generation Very Large Array Take Us? To Our Cosmic Origins
Dr. Kristina Nyland |
14 January 2019

Dr. Kristina Nyland was a postdoctoral research associate at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory from 2015 to 2018. She has…

Galaxies in PHANGS-ALMA Survey
Developing a Quick Method to Review VLASS QuickLook Data
Jason Renwick |
8 January 2019

The NRAO-led National and International Non-Traditional Exchange (NINE) Program, part of the NRAO Office of Diversity and Inclusion, trains…

Galaxies in PHANGS-ALMA Survey
When Astronomers See Disks, They See Chemical Cauldrons
Charles Blue |
26 November 2018

Astronomy has shown us striking images of galaxies, star clusters, and vast glowing nebula. But for many scientists, that…

Galaxies in PHANGS-ALMA Survey
Remember to Look Up at the Stars, Not Down at your Data
Moiya McTier |
19 November 2018

Last June 2018, a group of astronomy educators, under the auspices of the National Science Foundation’s Astronomy in Chile…

Galaxies in PHANGS-ALMA Survey
Linking our Lineage: From Radio Operator to Radio Receiver
Dave Finley |
7 November 2018

Radio astronomy and amateur radio have a close historical connection, and one theme of the hamfest VLA tour is…