Solar Radio Telescope Design

-- Edward Scott | November 19, 2019


I visited the VLA installation in NM on Nov 11 2019. I picked up a brochure on the Solar Radio Telescope at the VLA facility. I read the brochure after I got home (South Carolina) and found it said you could get copy of the circuit diagram and other information on this radio telescope. I could not find any where on your website where it might be available online. Is it possible to get this information without coming back to New Mexico?

-- Edward Scott


The information regarding the design of the solar radio telescope in operation as an exhibit outside the VLA Visitor’s Center is available on-request at the Visitor Center.  I have attached this information to this post below.  I hope that this information is helpful.

VLA Solar Radio Telescope Design 1

VLA Solar Radio Telescope Design 2

VLA Solar Radio Telescope Design 3

VLA Solar Radio Telescope Circuit Diagram

-- Jeff Mangum