Featured Video: Rotating Galaxy Disks in the Early Universe

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Our Milky Way galaxy is a spiral galaxy. It evolved into its flat disk shape over billions of years. But astronomers have discovered a distant and young galaxy that has a remarkably similar shape.

Join our host Melissa Hoffman of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory as she talks about how this young galaxy was discovered, and what it tells us about our own Milky Way.

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About the Author:
Dave Finley is Public Information Officer for NRAO in Socorro, New Mexico, where he handles media relations for the VLA and VLBA. He is a former editor and writer for The Miami Herald, and edited that paper's science & medicine section. He later did documentation, training, and business development for two supercomputer centers. Author of one book and editor of another, he has lectured on astronomy and other topics at universities, clubs, conventions, and on cruise ships. He is an amateur radio operator and a private pilot. He is a past president of The Albuquerque Astronomical Society, the Socorro Amateur Radio Association, the Socorro County Chamber of Commerce, and is a former squadron commander in the Civil Air Patrol. He is a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps.

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