Employee Diversity Group


headshots of EDG members
NRAO Employee Diversity Group (EDG) Members

The NRAO’s Employee Diversity Group (EDG) is made up of employees from across the Observatory who are committed to creating a more open and inclusive culture that attracts diversity in the vision of NRAO. They strive to shift an historic cultural paradigm in order to meet the diverse needs of all employees through education, outreach, and action. The NRAO affirms that ending inequities must be part of our daily work and the EDG seeks to create opportunities to engage in that work. Working closely with our Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the EDG functions independently setting its own course of action and engagement with staff.

Formed in 2018 and trained in areas around diversity and inclusion, the EDG realized it had a significant role to play in helping staff navigate the dramatic shift in our lives as the COVID pandemic changed our world. In the wake of George Floyd’s murder in May of 2020, the EDG shifted its focus to anti-racism. By creating safe/brave spaces, NRAO staff are able to engage in meaningful work to respond to the need for deeper inclusion for those who continue to be underrepresented.

EDG activities currently include hosting regular open discussions with staff around current issues such as the effects of COVID, anti-racism, and LGBTQIA+. It leads trainings on engaging in difficult conversations and DE&I issues for staff new to these ideas. The EDG facilitates discussion and work groups around hiring, recruitment, and retention issues all with the goal to serve as a resource for staff to ensure that Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity remain as part of our active conversation and efforts further our progress at NRAO.