Represents values and purpose of the RADIAL Program
Image Credit: Christopher Fuller


The goal for the NINE program is to form satellite NINE “Hubs” where underrepresented individuals have access to radio astronomy related resources and networks. Institutions send future hub coordinators to complete an intensive training program  in using radio astronomy-related software and hardware. Hub coordinators then return to their home institution in order to create the NINE hub to disseminate these skills and resources. The NINE Hubs form a network of mutual support and cooperation in order to more effectively include underrepresented groups of learners. 

Home Institutions (Hubs) Provide:

  • a location for the NINE Hub Program (office space and meeting room)
  • computing resources and support for collaboration, mentoring, and continuous distance learning for NINE participants
  • an established faculty member or administrator to serve as the Hub’s lead


Participants must:

  • participate in a Memorandum of Understating with NRAO to create and maintain a NINE hub at their home institution
  • demonstrate ability to develop and supervise a NINE hub
  • demonstrate cultural competence necessary to work with participants from a variety of cultural and educational backgrounds
  • have a high tolerance for ambiguity and change
  • have an ability to collaborate effectively and kindly
  • be willing to participate in group activities


As they complete the NINE Training program, Participants will develop skills in the following areas:

  • Gain Astronomy Knowledge and Experience Participants will learn to use radio astronomy-related software. For instance, they might use VLASS data and Raspberry Pi units to combing and analyze astronomical images.
  • Practice Mentoring/Teaching Techniques Participants will learn the basics of how to instruct and mentor other participants, in order to share astronomy-related knowledge and skills, and to encourage a positive learning environment.
  • Develop Project Management Skills Participants will develop project management skills, and will have an opportunity to take a Project Management Certification test.
  • Form and Maintain a NINE Hub Participants will be responsible for establishing the program at their home institution, for recruiting and retaining interested students and faculty/professionals, coordinating logistics, and communicating with the NRAO NINE Program Manager.

NINE Current Cohort

Information about the current NINE cohort can be found here.

Prospective NINE Partners

Complete Application Process

Please note that the NINE program is designed to partner with education/research organizations.

Proposals must include:

  1. a Participant (the person who will train with NRAO and serve as Hub coordinator at their home institution)
  2. a permanent faculty or staff member at the proposed Hub location. To learn more, please contact the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at