RU Lup Spiral

ALMA image of the planet-forming disk around the young star RU Lup, showing a giant set of spiral arms made out of gas. The structure extends to nearly 1000 astronomical units from the star.

Radio images of Antares

Radio images of Antares with ALMA and the VLA. ALMA observed Antares close to its surface in shorter wavelengths, and the longer wavelengths observed by the VLA revealed the star’s atmosphere further out. In the VLA image a huge wind is visible on the right, ejected from Antares and lit up by its smaller but hotter companion star Antares B.

Wolfe Disk Artist Impression

Artist impression of the Wolfe Disk, a massive rotating disk galaxy in the early, dusty universe. The galaxy was initially discovered when ALMA examined the light from a more distant quasar (top left).

Brown Dwarf and its Magnetic Field

Artist’s conception of a brown dwarf — an object intermediate in mass between a star and a planet — along with illustration of its magnetic field.

M81 in Radio

The spiral galaxy M81 and its satellite, M82 as seen by the Very Large Array.